Leading the way in security logistics and risk management since 1983

Bob Morgan, former Senior Assistant Commissioner of Kenya Police and General Service Unit Secretary General, founded BM Security Limited with an enduring ethos. Pioneering private security in Kenya, he set the standards for many practices and innovations still used today.

Investing in the future and evolving with the dynamic industry

BM Security’s expertise is preferred in diverse sectors all over Kenya. We are always enhancing our workforce and designing electronic security solutions to save you, your business and your home from a variety of threats.

Empowering you to make the best choices for your security

Your peace of mind is our responsibility. So we tailor-make robust systems and services that you can adjust to your specific lifestyle and economic needs.

Constantly within reach

Even though state-of-the-art technology shapes our work, our highly trained and vetted employees consistently provide hands-on support in line with the BM culture of ethical and reliable security and risk management.

We welcome you to the BM Family

Browse through our Services, Electronic Products and Special Assignments to learn how BM Security can protect your assets. Email info@bmsecurity.com to customise our innovative solutions.