The Beginning

BM Security Ltd is founded in December 1984 with a squad of 25 Security Officers and our first client, Panafric Hotel.

bm's first guards 1983 1984

Nationwide Expansion

  • BM provides security for Columbia Pictures during location shooting for Sheena Queen of the Jungle (1984) and Out of Africa (1985).
  • Operations start in Nairobi and across outpost stations at Samburu, Suswa, Kajiado, Kilimanjaro and Olkaria.
  • BM Security is enlisted by Fedha Towers, The East African Building Society and Citibank (now Citi), which is still our client over 30 years later.
  • Trained Dog & Handler services are launched.
country wide operations 1984 1984-1985


The Cash in Transit department is launched. Our stellar record still stands – our vetted professionals have never lost a consignment.

cash in transit kenya 1988 1988

The End of an Era

Bob Morgan passes away having contributed positively to public and private security in Kenya.


New Leadership

Cedar Morgan becomes Managing Director, continuing her late husband’s legacy.


Growing Dog Section

BM Security recruits the former Kenya Police Dog Master and invests in Dog Services with the construction of in-house kennel facilities.

dog services 1992 1992

Membership to KSIA

Applying international standards to the Kenyan private security industry, BM joins the Kenya Security Industry Association (KSIA) as one of the independent body’s founding members.
As part of the KSIA:

  • BM Security is committed to maintaining quality standards and good practices in the industry.
  • The company is part of Kenya’s central security organisation for liaison with government, police, emergency services and other entities.
  • We have the SIA Quality Seal which distinguishes between companies that meet the standards and pledge to the Charter, and those that do not.

For more information on the KSIA visit

kenya security industry association logo 1995

Staff Welfare

Pension scheme is launched, as well as a free clinic for all employees and their immediate relations.

bm staff welfare 1996

Elite Training

  • BM Security invests in a state-of-the-art Training School, facilitating both internal and external training programmes.
  • Partnering with the International Security Company of Israel (ISC), the school begins specialised courses including Counter-Terrorism, Diplomatic Security and Investigations.

Improved Communications

High-tech, fully secured Command Centre is constructed at Polo Base with a self-contained operational Control Room.

command centre 2001 2001

The Electronic Frontier

BM Systems Ltd is founded to provide cutting-edge Electronic Security solutions


Advanced Discreet Security

Close Personal Protection Services become operational following training by renowned security consulting firm, Nicholls Steyn and Associates (South Africa).

bm discrete security operations 2005

Unstoppable Excellence

  • BM Security is named amongst the Top 100 mid-sized firms by KPMG.
  • Countrywide Courier Service is launched.
kpmg top mid sized companies 2008

ISO Accreditation

BM Security achieves ISO 9001:2008 certification, attaining international and official recognition in quality management.
Being ISO certified means that:

  • We utilise the latest internationally accredited quality management systems
  • The company is committed to excellence in service delivery and customer care
  • BM Security is dedicated to continuously identifying areas of improvement through liaising with our clients
bm iso certification 2009 2009

Counter-Terrorism Measures

Sniffer Dog Services are introduced to the BM Security Dog Section to enable detection and tracing of explosives.

sniffer dog services 2013

Mapping the Future

BM Security launches a 3-year Strategic Plan:
Our Value Proposition: We provide security, safety and peace of mind to our clients, combating the risk of external and internal threats to people, money and physical assets, and so far as possible preventing loss.
Strategic Statement: We aim to be the best in everything we do, building our reputation on principles of ethics, responsibility and trust.

bm company strategy 2014

Progress Within

  • Three classrooms added to the BM Security Training School to meet increased industry demands and professional needs.
  • Control Room at Polo Base is rebuilt and redesigned.
  • The BM Foundation is established to engage meaningfully with our communities both within and outside the company.