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Send and manage large amounts of cash or valuables with our fully insured solutions. Backed by specialised equipment, BM’s vetted professionals handle the logistics for all your finance transit and processing needs.

Cash in Transit

Secure collection and delivery of cash or valuables within Kenya.

  • Custom-built vehicles and sealed containers
  • Transit crew includes four armed Kenya Police Officers
  • Repatriation of currency

Cash Processing

Quick and accurate processing for large volumes of money.

  • Sorting currency into fit, unfit and counter-fit cash notes
  • Dual control measures in place for accountability

Banking Support

Hands-on solutions to reduce your administrative hassles.

  • Deposits and cheques cashed on your behalf
  • Consignments stored in our secure vault at your convenience
  • Safe keys handled by BM Security
  • Cashiering services available temporary and permanent basis

ATM Replenishment

24-hour operation to relieve banks and reduce the downtime of ATM machines.

  • Cash loaded in ATM canisters
  • First-line maintenance of ATM machines
  • All ATM transactions reconciled

Cash Payroll Management

Support for reducing the risks and hassles of handling your company’s cash payroll.

  • Withdrawal of cash according to payroll details
  • Wage packeting
  • Delivery to your designated pay location and secured distribution to employees

Email to find out how you can streamline your finance logistics.