Depend on BM Security’s fierce dogs to deter or combat threats, detect explosives and locate missing or wanted people. Our dogs are controlled by dedicated Dog Handlers trained in dog care, ethics, obedience, attack, health and safety, customer care as well as anti-terrorism tactics.

We have over 280 German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Bullmastiffs, Ridgebacks, Belgian Malinois and Golden Retrievers, each provided with medical care and specialised training:

Patrol Dogs

24-hour detection of hidden intruders or items by sight, scent and sound.

  • Assigned Dog Handler
  • Capable of detaining intruders
  • Punctual delivery system for residential and commercial properties, with purpose-built deployment vehicles and trained escorts
  • Mobile kennels for far-flung locations

Sniffer Dogs

Detection of eight different explosive platforms and ammunition.

Tracking Dogs

Emergency retrieval of hidden people or stolen objects based on particular smells.

  • Used by Kenya Police to find lost people or dead bodies
  • Chasing and catching criminals

Our Dog Section consists of four playing grounds for puppies, a 5-acre training field and two maternity wing blocks. We also offer dedicated services for dog owners:

Dog Training

Complete instruction and exercise courses for your dogs.

  • Training by BM Security in obedience and attack
  • House training and guidance for dog owners on caretaking and welfare


Accommodation and care facilities for your dogs while you are away.

  • Custom-built kennels in 14 specially designed dog blocks
  • Finest quality dog food and balanced diet

Email to discuss your needs.