bm security investigations

Obtain detailed and objective analytical reports for criminal lawsuits, insurance fraud and domestic disputes. Our talented professionals with experience as law enforcement investigators and private security specialists gather critical intelligence sensitively and responsibly.

Apart from the Kenya Police and other governmental organisations, our established network brings together influential stakeholders to deliver original insights.

Criminal Investigations

Objective analysis by BM Security to supplement law enforcement agency reports.

  • Collection and examination of information of about the crime committed, suspects, circumstances, evidence, police crime scene reports and witness statements
  • BM Security representatives serve as expert witnesses in court to provide credibility for security matters

Insurance Fraud

Solutions to detect theft and fraud or to determine cause of injury or accidents.

  • Fixed and mobile surveillance
  • Audio and video inspection
  • Detailed analysis of witness statements

Civil Litigation

Country-wide background searches to establish the credibility of witnesses or other persons:

  • Law Enforcement – Confirmation of plaintiffs or defendants, locating of witnesses, taking statements
  • Pre-employment Check – Authentication of information provided on application (full name, date of birth, social security account number, education and former employment)
  • Asset Search – Verification of all possessions

Domestic Investigations

Sensitive professional intervention for personal disputes.

  • Identify habits, movements, whereabouts and affiliations
  • Prove infidelity in divorce cases
  • Claim custody of child
  • Find missing persons

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