bm security manned guarding

Place the safety of your assets in the hands of our dedicated Security Officers. Our force of over 5000 full-time personnel has an intimate knowledge of protecting properties in commercial, banking, parastatal, diplomatic and residential sectors.
Apart from intensive training and refresher training courses, we rely on an integrated network of supervision to combat various risks in the most responsible, intelligent and efficient way.

BM Security Officers

Highly astute men and women providing first-line practical defense and technical support for our other services. Personnel on assignment are:

  • In constant radio communication with our Control Room
  • Electronically monitored to ensure their full attention during day and night shifts
  • Trained to use relevant security equipment for specific tasks
  • Fluent in English and Kiswahili and possess Public Relations skills
  • Routinely retrained to stay abreast with changing insecurity issues
  • Fully insured with 24-hour medical care available at the BM Staff Clinic

After providing a solid foundation in standard guarding, the BM Security Training School delivers specialised guarding courses for Diplomatic missions and Events Management.

Email to discuss the various Manned Guarding options for your home or business premises.