bm close person protection

Get discreet bodyguards and travel escorts from our team of experienced and internationally trained officers. Certified by the International Security Consultants Group (Israel) and by Nicholls Steyn Associates (South Africa), all Close Protection Officers (CPOs) are routinely evaluated to keep up with modern tactics and procedures.

Bodyguard Services

Close visible protection for VIPs, celebrities or private individuals visiting or residing in Kenya.

  • CPOs can be hired on a one-to-one basis or with a fully supported 24-hour protection team
  • Physical protection in situations deemed harmful to your personal well-being
  • Immediate evacuation to a safer environment until the situation is neutralised

Secure Travel Planning

Overall management of your movement so that you arrive at your destination on time and with minimal hassle.

  • Detailed coordination of drivers, vehicles and routes to be used according to your specifications
  • Close surveillance of venues being visited

Travel Planning is available separately or in conjunction with our CPP Service.

Meet-and-Greet Service

Secure welcome at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Nairobi) for you or your guests.

  • Assistance with luggage or special requirements
  • Safe and comfortable passage to your hotel or other destination in the comfort of our luxury cars

BM Security Executive Drivers

Highly experienced chauffeurs with clean driving records.

  • Additional training in defensive driving
  • CPO-trained to provide you with extra security support

Email to customise our Close Personal Protection services.